Graduates of Tamalpais High School:  to request an official transcript, please fill out and return a transcript request form, attached. The Registrar will process your request when it is received.  Please follow the instructions on the form. Include a stamped envelope for each official transcript request, addressed to the school/college/institution.  Sending in a request without the self-addressed stamped envelope will delay or prevent processing of your request.  
    If you want to pick up an official transcript in the office during business hours, you may email your request to jshapiro@tamdistrict.org.  No postage or envelope is required if you want to pick them up and mail them yourself.  Wait for a return email confirming that they are ready before coming in to pick them up.  Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am-4:00 pm.
    For an unofficial copy of your transcript, you may email jshapiro@tamdistrict.org
    Current Tam students:  The Counseling Office, Room 133 Wood Hall, provides transcripts for currently enrolled students.  On the top menu, click on Academics and then click on Counseling Department>Senior Letters of Rec and Transcript information. Shortcut:  https://www.tamdistrict.org/Page/4723
    Verifications:  Employment agencies or other companies requesting a second party verification of graduation or attendance cannot be released by phone call.  Please fax a signed authorization for release of information to 415-380-3534 or email the request and release form to jshapiro@tamdistrict.org
    Questions?  Call 415-380-3537.