• Mathematics Course Info:

    The Mathematics Department at Tam offers a variety of courses designed to meet each student’s needs and ability. The courses offered include college preparatory courses and advanced placement courses:

    • Algebra Foundations (focus on the math foundations needed for success in Algebra)
    • Algebra (High School Algebra that starts at Systems of Equations)
    • Geometry A  (Full year Geometry course with hands on focus and minimal emphasis on proofs)
    • Geometry  (Full year Common Core Geometry course)
    • Intermediate Algebra  (2nd year UC Algebra course for non-math/science pathway)
    • Advanced Algebra (2nd year UC Algebra course for Calculus pathway)
    • Trigonometry/Statistics (One semester of Trigonometry and one semester of Statistics)
    • Trigonometry  (One semester of Trigonometry)
    • Statistics  (One semester of Statistics)
    • Pre-Calculus  (Complete Trigonometry and Introduction to concepts needed for Calculus)
    • Honors Pre-Calculus (Complete Trigonometry and Introduction to concepts needed for Calculus)
    • AP Calculus  (Advanced Placement College level Calculus course)
    • AP Statistics (Advanced Placement College level Statistics course)
    Students must earn a C- or better in the prerequisite course in order to move on in math the following school year. More information on prerequisite courses can be found in the Tam High Course Guide under Academics>Daily Bulletin and Downloads.
    MMTS is our Mandatory Math Tutoring Support. The program is designed to help students be successful in math, and is scheduled for students who miss assignments or are in need of more math help. MMTS times, locations, and makeup assignments will be provided on the MMTS pass by each student's math teacher. Students who attend MMTS and complete assignments will be eligible for partial credit on the assignments they complete in the session. For more information about MMTS, please check out our MMTS Information Page or the MMTS Flyers around campus.

    Math Department FAQs

    Please see the pdf file below for answers to math department Frequently Asked Questions! This information will also be provided to all Tam math students at the start of the school year.
Last Modified on January 16, 2020