• ASB/Leadership

    The Associated Student Body (ASB) Leadership Council works to create an open, inviting, spirited environment and a fun and memorable experience for the entire Tam student body. The ASB Leadership class is made up of elected ASB and class officers.
    The ASB Council has a public meeting every Thursday Morning at 7:20am in RM 318. Any student is welcome to attend. 
    At these meetings the ASB Council is Responsible for 
    1. Approving the expenditures of all student funds- this includes all Clubs.
    2. Approval of Club Fundraisers 
    3. Being a liaison to Administration as the student voice 
    There are at-large members who join the council via an application and interview process each spring. The class meets during zero period, and students interested in joining should watch the website for recruitment details to be posted or contact the Leadership teachers. 
     The chart is a breakdown of all student elected officials for the 2019/20 School Year
    ASB President- Sam Sternfels 
    ASB Vice President- Eli Blum 
    ASB Treasurer- Colette Kennedy 
    ASB Secretary- Amelia Muir 
    THS School Board Representative- Kara Kneafsey 
    12th Grade 
    President- Johnnel Peterson 
    Vice President- Lily Travers 
    Treasurer- Theo Koffman 
    Secretary- Lauren Pyfer 
    Site Council Rep- Theo Koffman 
    11th Grade 
    President- Rachel Sulicner 
    Vice President- Hashi Mizukami
    Treasurer- Otto Ryerson 
    Secretary- Adrienne Murr
    10th Grade 
    President- Emmet Kneafsey 
    Vice President- Abby Brooks 
    Treasurer- Zoe Neulight 
    Secretary- Cassandra Ruark 
    Site Council Rep- McKenzie Holtzapple 
    9th Grade
    Elections will take place in November 2019 
    Any Questions Please Email both ASB Advisors 
    Nathan Bernstein- nbernstein@tamdistrict.org
    Matt LemMon- mlemmon@tamdistrict.org
Last Modified on September 11, 2019