CSF and Honor T 
    Faculty Advisor: Amanda Spaht (aspaht@tamdistrict.org)
    Club Co-Presidents: Ellery Barnes and Jonas Barnes
    The spring membership drive for both CSF and Honor T will be from February 7th - February 18th. Late applications will not be accepted! Do not email applications or submit them to the front office prior to the commencement of the membership drive.
    Come to an informational meeting at lunch in room 348 on one of the following dates:
    • 9th/10th -- Tuesday, 914
    • 11th/12th -- Wednesday, 9/15
    Click on the highlighted links below for fall applications:
    Anyone who is interested in learning about and becoming more involved in community service activities at Tam and beyond is welcome to attend club meetings and participate in club activities. 
    In order to be recognized for your community service and/or academic success, you must formally apply for membership to Honor T (Tam's community service honors society) and/or CSF (California Scholarship Federation--for academic success).  Membership for Honor T and CSF is awarded for the work completed during the PRIOR semester.  Membership drives are held in early October (for Spring semester work) and February (for Fall semester work).  
    Lifetime membership in Honor T is attained when one has been a member for 4 semesters of high school. For CSF, one must be a member for 4 of the 6 last semesters of high school, and one of these semesters must be from senior year. All lifetime members of either club wear honor cords at graduation.
    Membership must be renewed each semester. 



Last Modified on January 7, 2022