• Senior in Good Standing

    In order to participate in our graduation ceremony, seniors must be in Good Standing.  The Senior in Good Standing Policy holds seniors district-wide to continued academic and behavioral expectations commensurate with our schools' high standards.  Participation in the graduation ceremony is voluntary and considered a privilege.  Seniors in Good Standing must:
    • Meet TUHSD graduation requirements.
    • Pass ALL classes.  Grades of F or incomplete in any class will prevent students from participating in the ceremony.
    • Attend ALL classes. 
    • Behave appropriately.  Suspensions as a result of serious offenses, such as vandalism, fighting, or being under the influence of a controlled substances or alcohol are examples of incidents that will prevent one’s ability to participate in the ceremony and senior week activities.
    • Pay all outstanding bills.  Seniors must clear all fees in order to purchase tickets for the Senior Prom.  Return all textbooks, library books, athletic equipment and clear all fees prior to Senior Checkout in order to participate in senior activities and the graduation ceremony.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Administration Office. Thank you!