• TAM YEARBOOK 2020 -21

    Yearbook Update 3/5/21

    Hello Tam Community! 

    Welcome to the Tamalpais yearbook page! Here you can find information regarding the yearbook for 2020-21. 

    Where can I get my yearbook? 

    You can preorder your yearbooks here: ORDER NOW

    Can I buy my yearbook now? 

    Yes, yearbooks are now available for pre order through Friday April 15th! With the ongoing unknowns of COVID19 we strongly recommend that you preorder your yearbook as we do not know how or when we will be able to sell them after preorder. Click on this link to purchase yours now: ORDER NOW

    What are the prices for the yearbook?

    Yearbook prices are as follows:

    • Current Price  $90

      NOTE in the yearbook company's website it will show as X price + shipping the final price will be the listed amount. All books will be shipped directly to student homes this year. It should be noted that there are always shipping costs figured into the yearbook total cost. (But to allow us to ship to student homes the company requires that we price this way this year.)

    How will I get my yearbook?

    All preordered yearbooks will be sent directly to the student's home at the address provided.

    Can I still buy a senior ad?

    The deadline to buy a senior ad has passed (1/31/21).

    What are senior ads?

    Senior Ads are dedicated pages or portions of pages where parents and families can share photos and write congratulations notes to their graduates.

    How do I submit my Senior quote?

    Submit your Senior quote for the yearbook in the following survey. Profanity, drug or alcohol references, and discriminatory remarks of any kind will not be tolerated. If your quote is inappropriate and does not meet these guidelines, we may give you the opportunity to submit another. However, there is no guarantee that we will be able to reach you, so please be certain that the quote you submit is appropriate and respectful if you would like to ensure that it is included. Quotes must be under 75 characters. Please submit your Quotes by no later than February 28th Deadline Extended to March 15th Submit Quotes HERE

    How can I participate in this year's Yearbook?

    Yes! This year we will be doing many surveys. We would love to have many people as possible involved. Make sure to keep up to date on our Instagram page @tamyearbook for more information regarding surveys. 

    Senior Superlative Voting 
    Who do you think is the most changed since 9th grade? Most likely to Travel the World? Or have their own reality show? Final voting of senior superlatives. Each person is limited to one nomination unless they are a part of a duo question and each question will have two winners. This is the last chance to vote, choose wisely!! 

    Taking responses through this LINK until Wednesday, March 17th:  

    Senior Siblings Photos

    Any seniors with siblings also attending Tam? Please send us an appropriate photo of the two of you through this LINK to have it include in the traditional senior siblings' section of the yearbook. Make sure to tag with you and your siblings full names.


Last Modified on March 26, 2021