•  Field trip authorization requires advanced planning. For fillable forms, please click here.
    For day field trips:
    • Get principal's approval by filling out a Field Trip Request Form.
    • You must have a completed Student Permission Form for each student. 
      • Check to be sure the special health needs box is checked/appropriately filled out
      • Health insurance policy number
      • Parent signature
      • Contact number
      • High risk (is or is not)
      • Swimming (if applicable)
    • All adult participant must sign a Volunteer Waiver Form (one adult chaperone per 10 students).
    • If you will need drivers, they must submit a Driver Form along with a copy of the auto insurance declaration page showing the required information.  The insurance declaration must show the name of the driver, the effective dates of the policy, and the amounts of coverage ($100,000-300,000 is minimum).  See the back of the driver form for more information.
      • Coaches cannot drive
      • We would like to avoid student drivers especially long distances
    • Bus transportation Driver form not necessary/need copy of bus contract.
    • Complete Field Trip Verification Form. Make sure all boxes have been checked and submit to principal (along with all paperwork) for signature. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL PAPERWORK IN A TIMELY MANNER (at least a week in advance of field trip.)
    For overnight field trips:
    Please follow the procedure for day time field trips and in addition, submit the following: 
    • Itinerary (where does the field trip begin and end?)
    • Student roster with all attending
    However, all paperwork must be submitted to the District Office at LEAST 2 WEEKS prior to date of field trip (so please be sure all to have all paperwork into the AP office in a timely manner).
    For out-of-state and high risk field trips:
    Please follow the procedure for day time field trips and in addition, submit the following:
    • Itinerary (where does the field trip begin and end?)
    • Student roster with all attending
    Out-of-State and High Risk Field trips need board approval and all paperwork MUST BE SUBMITTED to the District Office at least 3 WEEKS prior to the date of the Board Meeting. It is imperative to have all paperwork in to the AP office before this 3-week deadline.
    Students cannot be required to pay for field trips (exception:  Global Studies).  Please see the District Guidelines.
    Authorization for your field trip is contingent upon the timely submission of all of the required documents. If you have questions about field trips, please contact the Assistant Principals' office.
    The roster of students going on the field trip needs to be submitted to the Attendance Office NO LATER than 2 days prior to the trip.
Last Modified on May 24, 2019