• Mike Levinson
    9th Grade English and Advanced Placement Language and Composition


    Period 1 and 3 AP Language and Composition Assignments
    We need to focus our work specifically on preparing for the AP Exam, even if you are not taking the test. I have linked 3 essay prompts, and the rubrics for the essays. I want you to review the rubrics before you write the essays. Look specifically for how you will be scored. Do not time the essays. Type the responses to the best of your ability and upload final essays to Google Classroom by Friday, March 27th. I will not give you a word count on these essays. Write what you feel are outstanding responses to the prompts. You will be allowed to revise the essays after submission.
    Period 4, 5, 6, and 7 CORE English 9th Grade Assignments
    We will focus our work on the Around the World Core project writing assignments and The Odyssey. I will also post these assignments on Google Classroom.
    Writing Assignment 1: Design Your Own Odyssey - Due 3/27

    Odyssey Definition: a long wandering and eventful journey

    Decide on an itinerary for a year of travel around the world. Choose 5 to 7 locations around the world (none can be in the United States) that you could travel too. Vary your stops (don’t go to 7 beaches). Consider natural wonders, human-made wonders, adventure, culture, cities, parks, etc. Written Requirement (1500 word minimum per person, 12 point font): Write a narrative story (integrating realistic fiction with actual facts) in the first person about your trip around the world. Tell the story of what happened in your journey around the world. For each location, describe the place, people, and culture. Explain why you chose this place. Does it live up to your expectations? Describe some specific attractions that you visit, some activities you do, etc. Include at least 2 challenges or conflicts that you face in your journey. If you are working with a partner, you could write it together or alternate locations.

    Writing Assignment 2: Geography Focus Research and Writing - Due 3/27

    Choose a physical or cultural focus for research. Identify 5-7 places in the world where your focus is present and important. Here are foci examples: 

    Coral Reefs

    Dog Breeds

    Hip Hop Artists


    Major Cities


    Mountain Ranges

    Soccer Teams



    Great Museums


    Surf Breaks

    Ski Resorts


    Types of Music



    Human Rights


    Written Requirement
    (1500 word minimum, 12 point font): Write a research paper on your focus area citing sources through footnotes and a bibliography. Organize your research in the following way:

    • Part 1: Explain your topic and why you chose it as the focus of your research. For example, why are you interested in coral reefs? What is interesting about coral reefs to you? Write in the first person.
    • Part 2: Explain what you learned about your focus in each part of the world that you chose. Example: Where are the major coral reefs of the world? What is unique about each reef? Marine species. Types of coral. Conservation and protection information. Make sure you use footnotes for your sources.
    • Part 3: What did you find most interesting about your focus? Write in the first person.
    • Part 4: Works Cited/Bibliography

    Odyssey Assignment: Finish Reading The Odyssey. This will be challenging for some of you, but do your best to work through the text. Some of you will not get to the end, and that is ok, but read 30 minutes each day no matter what. It is ok to use online notes to help you understand the epic poem. Choose a quote or passage from Books 9, 10, 11, 12, 20, 21, 22, 23 to write down and explain the meaning and significance. Due Friday, April 3rd.