• Tamiscal Mathematics Department Support Services:
    Like all content areas, mathematics is a challenging academic subject that requires attention to detail and resilience.  In addition to following all of the suggestions of your math teacher, below are some additional suggestions/requirements to help improve your mathematics performance.
    1. Mandatory for all: get organized!  Before the school year, create a math binder with specific sub-sections and dividers and use your Tamiscal Planner to plan in advance important assignments, quizzes, projects, tests, and other dates.
    2. Come into the library for additional SIS Tutoring with Laura Taylor.  Laura is available Tuesday through Friday from 9:00-1:30pm
    3. Seek out additional support online!  Check out the Khan Academy (www.khanacademy.org).  These resources are free and are vetted for quality by our TUHSD District math teachers to provide detailed math instructional videos listed by topic.  While we only have 2 hours of math instruction per week at Tamiscal, this is valuable way to get additional instruction. 
    4. For those seeking additional help beyond the above steps, a list of recommended private tutors is available upon request from your Tamiscal math teacher or Laura.  It is strongly recommended that the previous three steps are sufficiently attempted before seeking out private math support.