This is my 21st year in the TUHSD and I now teach 80 percent of my week in The Pathways Program, and one day teaching indepdendent study students. The 2020-2021 year is my ninth year as a Tamiscal Core teacher, though I taught AP Language and Composition at Tamiscal for five years when I was a Team teacher. From 2010-2012 I worked at Drake High School, where I taught both Advanced Placement Language and Literature and AP Composition. I also taught in a small learning community for freshmen called Tech Lit.
    I taught for eight and a half years in The Team Program, here at Tamiscal. Before Team I taught English for three years at Redwood HS and a year and a half at Foothill High School in Pleasanton. I taught summer school in the TUHSD for five summers. At Redwood, I co-created the RHS mountain bike team and coached student racers for six years. I was an assistant coach for the state champion Drake team for two years. Before teaching I worked for the Trips for Kids in San Rafael, the outdoor gear chain REI for ten years, for KFRC Radio, and a few restaurants. 
    Here at Tamiscal I have taught seniors, juniors, and freshmen, both English and social studies. I have teaching credentials in both English and all of the social sciences. 
    I have traveled to five continents and over 30 countries. In 1996 I co-led a two-year bicycle expedition, following a clockwise route along the Pacific Rim. Prior to teaching, I worked in several Bay Area restaurants, was a show producer and news reporter for KFRC radio in San Francisco, was a retail supervisor for REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) in New York, and led mountain bike rides for Trips for Kids in San Rafael. My wife Nikole teaches Special Education at the high school formerly known as Drake and we own a home in Fairfax. Our daughter Amelia is a student at Manor School in Fairfax. 

    In the past 40-plus years, I have backpacked extensively in the Sierra, trekked in India and Nepal, mountaineered in Ecuador, raced bikes on the east and west coasts, rock climbed in Thailand, bike toured all over Europe, reached the summit of Mt. Shasta five times, and backcountry skied in several different California mountain ranges. I bike commute to school and try to ride my mountain bike as often as I can. Our little family traveled to Vietnam, Bali and Lombok two summers ago. We like long road trips, especially to the Pacific Northwest and anywhere there are big, beautiful mountains. 
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    Hoi An
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     Bradley Hut Tahoe
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