• Español 3-4

    Spring Break!  I know you've all been working so very hard, and hope this week will be a relaxing one.  Some news, when we come back in Week 13 (4/13 - 4/18), we'll be following a new schedule. I'll be figuring out what that looks like for us this week, so please check back towards the end of spring break to this page to find out the details. If you'd like to keep up your Spanish, you can follow any of the links below for fun. If you still need to make up missing work from previous weeks, please follow the link at the bottom of the page to find the assignments you need to turn in. 

    If you would like to spend more time on Spanish this week (optional but not obligatory):
    -  Practice your past tense verbs on conjuguemos.com (#9 and #13)
    -  Listen to songs and complete activities on Señor Wooly. You will need to join as a NEW STUDENT. Join code:7S73M6
    -  Read children's stories in Spanish (subtitles available) with Duolingo YouTube videos
    -  Listen to audible books for free in Spanish
    -  Complete any activity on Enrichment Activities for Spanish Students
    -  Watch a Spanish-speaking series on Netflix, etc. Some ideas: The Time In-Between, El Gran Hotel, Jane the Virgin, and here is a whole list of other shows you might enjoy
    Gracias y hasta pronto.
    Ms. Lingrell