Course Requests 2023-24

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    Students are able to enter course requests for 2023-2024 in Synergy (click on Course Requests) from January 10th to February 10th.   

    The following information and links are provided to help the decision-making process.
    as students and families are making plans for the 2023-24 school year.

    Course Guide

     Counselors will be hosting course advising meetings for students during:

    Class of 2026: January 10th - SMART Period - Little Gym
    Class of 2025: January 10th & 11th - in Living Earth classes
    Class of 2024: January 24th - SMART Period
    - Little Gym

    In addition, after reviewing the many resources available, students can meet individually with their counselor (click here for link). 

    Class of 2024:  Helpful Tips / Courses
    Class of 2025: Helpful Tips / Courses
    Class of 2026 Helpful Tips / Courses
    Class of 2027:  Courses