Course Requests 2023-24

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    Students were able to enter course requests for 2023-2024 in Synergy (click on Course Requests) from January 10th to February 10th.   

    Students can view course requests in their Synergy account. Students should review the requests to ensure their courses were entered accurately.  If there is a mistake students should request to meet with their counselor by completing a form in the counseling office (room 103).  Students who submitted their requests by February 10th will have first priority. All requests are subject to available space in the courses. 

    The following information and links are provided to help the decision-making process.
    as students and families are making plans for the 2023-24 school year.

    Course Guide

     Counselors will be hosting course advising meetings for students during:

    Class of 2026: January 10th - SMART Period - Little Gym
    Class of 2025: January 10th & 11th - in Living Earth classes
    Class of 2024: January 24th - SMART Period
    - Little Gym

    In addition, after reviewing the many resources available, students can meet individually with their counselor (click here for link). 

    Class of 2024:  Helpful Tips / Courses
    Class of 2025: Helpful Tips / Courses
    Class of 2026 Helpful Tips / Courses
    Class of 2027:  Courses