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  •  2017-18 Classes

    1st    AP Studio Art/Honors Drawing and Painting (400/Phoenix Hall)
    2nd  Art Exploration/Drawing and Painting (400/Phoenix Hall)
    4th   Mixed level Drawing and Painting (400/Phoenix Hall)
    5th   Mixed level Drawing and Painting (400/Phoenix Hall)
    6th   AP Studio Art /Honors Drawing and Painting (400/Phoenix Hall)
    8th  Yearbook (400/Phoenix Hall)

    If you ever have questions feel free to contact me at zgilmour@tamdistrict.org


    Who is Mr. Gilmour? If you’re interested  you can check out my artist website at www.poorhedgehogpress.com ( a little out of date)

    An yes I did go to Tam (class of 92’)


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