• Substitute Lesson Plans

    1st and 6th periods  Essay/Exposition classes.

    - Ask them to sit in groups of 3 or 4.
    - Their homework was to answer the following questions
    • - List your Personal Qualities.
    • - What is your most important possession?
    • - List two annoyances.
    • - Describe a time you used humor to defuse an escalating situation.
    • - List your three biggest mistakes.
    • - Give your most important piece of advice.
    • - What do you carry with you every day
    • - What is your biggest influence?
    - Have them share their answers with each other in their small groups.
    - From their answers, have small group members narrow it down to three of their more interesting answers for each person.
    - For the rest of the time they will begin a personal essay using those three elements around which to form their essay.
    - 1-2 pages typed (Times New Roman size 12 font - 1in margins, double-spaced).  THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT.
    - This essay will be due the next time we meet (Wed for 1st period, Thurs for 6th  period).

    3rd, 4th, and 7th periods  English 3-4 classes.

    - Collect their homework from the previous day (Group information, Community organizations, and 5 interview questions for each organization)
    - Hand out QUIZ #3 - 1984, Book Two and have them take the quiz in silence.  Any talking should not be tolerated - be sure to threaten taking their quizzes away for a ZERO if they are talking.
    - Once all have finished their quiz, show the movie Brazil - You’ll need their help to see where they are in the film - all classes are at about chapter 17 or 18.

    Peter Parish