• Dear Students/Parents,
    The school year is off to a great start.  Thanks for all your enthusiasm, excitement and support.
    When we return from this Labor Day Weekend, Doherty Drive should be closed.  Please read the letter (below) from Tasmin Pesso, our PTSA Safe Routes to School representative.  Most importantly, allow extra time to get to school on time next week while we all adjust to the construction traffic conditions.  Please walk, ride or carpool as much as possible to help with what will undoubtedly be a challenging time for all of us while this important work is being done.
    For more information on the construction project, go the Redwood web site (www.redwood.org) and click on the Doherty Drive Construction Information link on the home page.  Thanks to Tasmin, the City of Larkspur and Safe Routes to Schools for trying to minimize the impact of the construction work.
    David Sondheim
    Redwood High School
    395 Doherty Drive
    Larkspur, CA 94939
    (415) 945-3610 (voice)
    (415) 945-3675 (fax)

    Dear Redwood Parents and Students,

    The Doherty Drive will be closed for the repaving project from the upcoming Tuesday,September 4, until November. We are thrilled that the new roadway will be raised above the currentflood levels, will include new class one and class two bike routes, new sidewalks, and be ADA compliant.In the meantime, most of our students’ commutes to school will be impacted. Please read the followingfor information and suggestions.

    • Expect delays and plan your time accordingly.

    • Consider all your students’ commute options: carpooling, busing, possible drop off and pick up

      locations, biking, walking, and driving.

    • Take a look at the route map to see the location of the paving project as well as the roads and

      multi-use paths access the campus to determine your students’ best routes to school.


    • The city of Larkspur has recently completed a new path from Ward Street behind MeadowoodDrive along the creek. It connects to the path running from Doherty to Heather Gardens (theneighborhood behind the football field) the path continues to a gate at the far end of thefootball field providing a continuously paved walkway from campus to downtown Larkspur.

    • Students living within a mile and a half of Redwood will likely find it faster to bike or walk toschool than driving.

    • Use the map to choose a good drop off and pick up point and have your student walk the lastportion of the commute.

    • Find other Redwood families to carpool with. The fewer cars on the road, the faster all of us willget to our destinations.

    • For your convenience, Marin Transit has provided the schools with a reference sheet of thebuses that serve the schools in the area.http://ca-larkspur.civicplus.com/DocumentCenter/View/2265 Please note, there are earlier#18/22 buses than listed here so check the Golden Gate Transit schedule for more information.

    • The good news is that Redwood starts 25 minutes before Hall Middle School. The bad news isthat Hall and Redwood’s dismissal times are within 15 minutes of each other every day butWednesday when it is 21 minutes apart.

    • Both Redwood parking lots will remain open throughout this time. However, the front/west lotcan only be exited by going onto Doherty heading east (toward 101).

    • In anticipation of the traffic impacts in the surrounding area, the Twin Cities Police Authority willbe adding several officers to assist with traffic.

    • Lastly, Larkspur and Corte Madera resident s request that all drivers help keep the roads safe, tobe courteous and respectful when driving through neighborhood streets, obeying the speedlimits and stop signs so it will remain safe for everybody.

    • For more information and FAQs please go to the City of Larkspur website


      Tasmin Pesso