Welcome to the Tam District

Welcome to the Tam District, this site is a resource for you. You will find calendars, publications and other district information here.
Overview of District
Superintendent:                                                   Dr. David Yoshihara

Assistant Superintendents
                                                                           Dr.  Tara Taupier                          Ed. Services
                                                                           Lars Christensen                          Human Resources 
Redwood                  Principal: David Sondheim        Assist Principals:  Brian Lynch, Saum Zargar,  LaSandra White         
San Andreas             Principal: David Luongo          
Sir Francis Drake      Principal: Liz Seabury               Assist Principals:  Chad Stuart, Larry Pratt                  
Tamalpais                 Principal: JC Farr                      Assist Principals:  Leah Herrera, David Rice, Wendy Stratton
Tamiscal                   Principal: Corbett Elsen            
Kay Cavan                  Drake HS
Catherine Welter       Tam HS
Claire Ernst              Tam HS 
Elise Rubio                 Redwood HS/ Alt Schools
Ann Tepovich             Redwood HS/Alt Schools