• The Senior in Good Standing policy is a district policy, originally designed by parents, teachers and administrators.  This policy holds seniors to academic and behavioral expectations commensurate with Redwood’s high standards.  All seniors have been apprised of these standards and understand that, as a result of continuing to conduct themselves with dignity during their final semester, they will be honored, accordingly, at the graduation ceremony on Thursday, June 13th.

    The graduation ceremony recognizes seniors who have successfully completed the required course of study.  The Tamalpais Union High School District School Board also recognizes the need for school sites to maintain high standards of student conduct and behavior, and therefore, supports the practice of providing the traditional graduation ceremony for seniors in good standing.

    Participation in the graduation ceremony is voluntary and considered a privilege earned by being a Senior in Good Standing.  Seniors in Good Standing must adhere to the following or they will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony:

    Meet TUHSD graduation requirements.
    Pass ALL classes second semester, earning no grades of F, NM, NC or incomplete in any class.
    Attend classes.  Have no more than four unexcused absences in any class (including Advisory and SMART period).
    Behave appropriately and not be suspended during the second semester.  
    Pay all outstanding bills.
    Students age 18 or older who write their own excuses for absences due to illness will be required to provide a written excuse from a doctor or nurse on the third day absent.  We recommend parents check the eSchoolPLUS Home Access Center or call the school weekly to monitor their student’s attendance, if attendance is a concern. Redwood maintains the right to communicate with the parents of 18 year olds regarding academic, behavior or attendance issues.

    Seniors who attend Redwood for a reduced day due to work (an average of 12 hours per week) or taking an online or college class must notify their counselor immediately if the class is dropped or they are no longer working.  They will then be required to add a class for the minimum six-period day required by the District.  Failure to provide such notification is considered a violation of this policy and could impact one’s ability to participate in the graduation ceremony.  Any student enrolled in a class outside of Redwood, which is required for graduation, must provide official verification, to their counselor, that the course has been completed by Friday, May 31st in order to guarantee their participation in the graduation ceremony.

    Appeal Process: Any senior who is in violation of the Senior in Good Standing policy has the option to appeal to their Assistant Principal in writing at least ten days prior to the date of graduation (Please refer to page 5 in the Student Handbook).  Depending on the nature of the violation, students will be required to meet with their Assistant Principal or an appeal committee.  Any senior required to appeal in order to participate in the graduation ceremony will not be able to attend Senior Frolic.