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    The Successful Independent Learner


    In order for Tamiscal students to be successful independent learners,

    it is essential to develop and practice the specific actions stated below:




    Student Actions:                     

    1.   Completes homework independently and thoughtfully

    2.   Arrives at class prepared to discuss topics & asks clarifying questions in an engaged  


    3.   Organizes homework before class (printed, sorted, stapled with heading)


    Proactive communication  

    Student Actions: 

    1.      When absent, contacts  teacher promptly

    2.      During class, communicates honestly

    3.      Knows when to ask for help



    Student Actions:

    1.  Takes an active role in the learning process & shows curiosity beyond what is assigned

                            2.  States strengths, growth and areas needing improvement


    Organization & Time Management

    Student Actions: 

    1.      Breaks down weekly assignments into smaller tasks using tools for planning (calendar, Moodle, planner)

    2.      Completes work by due date

    3.      Plans time to takes tests when assigned


    Physical Attendance

    Student Actions:

    1.      Attends class on time every week 

    2.      Submits work within 24 hours of an excused absence

    3.      Attends SIS if assigned