• 2019–2020 Courses:

    AP Biology & Living Earth

    Room 232

    (415) 945-3600 x 6758



    Individual Help Times: SMART period, before school starting around 7:30, lunch M-Th, or after school by appointment.


    Grades are updated frequently on the Home Access Center. I do not round percentages. Percentages translate to letter grades as shown below.
    90-100% - A     80-89% - B     70-79% - C     60-69% - D     0-59% - F

    Absences:  I love questions, and I love my students. But, for the love of Darwin, please do not come to class after an absence and ask "Did I miss anything?" Every class is a learning opportunity, so yes, you unfortunately did miss something. But that's OK! I post assignments and links on the daily agenda, so in the offchance you're absent, you can see precisely what you missed. Therefore, before returning to class, please check the agenda to see what we did that day. When possible, please print and complete assignments so you don't fall behind in the curriculum.

    AP Biology: Google Classroom is used for posting assignments, quizzes, handouts, and other resources. The daily agenda is also found there.


    Living Earth: The daily agenda records what we do each class day, what the homework is, and also has links to all of the assignments when they are handed out (in case you lose your copy!).