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    Academic Services

    At Drake High the counselor's role is to support the students.  We promote and enhance the learning process as the students navigate their high school careers and plan for life after graduation.  Counselors meet with their students each year to review academic progress and concerns.  We are also available for help with both social and emotional needs.
    • Parent/student All About Drake tours are hosted by administration.  Click here for more information and important dates. 
    • Registration at Drake takes place in February. A letter outlining dates and times is mailed home in December.  Communication will go to all 8th grade families through their middle school.
    • In September, counselors review the following information during classroom presentations for all freshmen students.
    1.  The role of the school counselor and how we support students throughout high school 
    2.  Student goals

    We then meet with each student to get acquainted and discuss any personal issues or support pertinent to students.  This meeting is an opportunity for counselors to begin to develop a personal relationship with their students.  Counselors are available (by phone, email or appointment) to speak with parents about any issues or questions that arise.

    • Frosh Night for Parents: On this night in August, the counselors meet with parents to provide an overview of the services provided in the next four years and discuss the transition to high school. 


    • In October, Counselors have check-in's with the Sophomore classes through their SLC's              
    • In January, the counselors escort their 10th grade students to presentations by each of the academies in an effort to prepare students to make informed choices about course selection for junior and senior years.
    • Counselors then meet with their sophomore students in small groups to review and discuss the following:
      1.  Transcript information
      2.  College and career planning guide, Life After High School.
      3.  Appropriate course selection including academies and AP/Honors information
      4.  PSAT/SAT/ACT information and suggested timelines
      5. Balancing School with activities and life.
    • Sophomore Parent Night:  Counselors review information relevant to junior year planning. 
    • Junior Night for Students and parents:  This evening will give students and parents a very thorough overview of post-high school educational options. We provide information on community college, California State Universities, the University of California, and private schools.  Click here for date.
    • The PSAT, a practice SAT designed for 11th graders, is offered once a year in October. All juniors are encouraged to take this exam.  In addition to being excellent practice for the SAT, the scores are used to qualify students for the National Merit Scholarship Program. Click here for date.
    • Junior conferences are held during spring semester. During the conference we discuss:
      1. Transcript information
      2. SAT/ACT timelines and scores
      3. College/post-high school choices for the student
      4. Resources for additional information


    • A senior letter is mailed home to parents and students in August.  The letter outlines the following:
      1.  Course and competency requirements for graduation
      2.  Websites for SAT and ACT information
      3.  UC/CSU workshop dates
      6.  Transcript information
    • Senior Night for Parents and Students: Counselors and the college specialist share information received at the most recent UC and CSU conferences. A question and answer session follows. 
    • Financial Aid Night: Held in the fall.  The purpose of this evening is to prepare college bound seniors and their parents for the financial aid application process. A guest speaker explains the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and reviews important deadlines.  Click here for date.

    It is our hope that these services provide a personal connection to the counseling department and a sense of direction for each individual student.  The services are designed to maximize the options available to our students and to encourage students to participate actively in developing, evaluating, and taking individual responsibility for their post high school plans.


Last Modified on October 4, 2017