Overview, Duties, Membership

    Board Resolution #10 of August 22nd, 2006 established a Citizens' Oversight Committee to monitor and audit the expenditure of bond proceeds. Hereafter, the Committee shall be known as the Citizens' Oversight Committee or COC. The Committee reports directly to the Board of Trustees. The Board shall appoint all members. The Committee was established within sixty (60) days of the declaration of results of the election (July 10, 2006).

    Individuals appointed to serve on the Committee must be aware of the duties and responsibilities of the Committee. Committee members shall be available to attend the Board meeting(s) when the performance and financial audits are presented. The Committee shall schedule a meeting with the District's auditor within ninety (90) days after the formation of the Committee to identify the operating procedures of the Committee. Thereafter, the Committee shall schedule at least one annual meeting to complete its duties.

    Duties of the Citizens' Oversight Committee will include, but may not be limited to the following:

    1. Performance Audit - Review the annual performance audit of the Bond funds prepared by the District's Auditor to ensure that bond funds are expended in accordance with Measure A. With the Auditor, report to the Board of Trustees on the findings of the performance audit, including recommendations as needed.
    2. Financial Audit - Review the annual independent financial audit on the sale and expenditure of bonds prepared by the District’s Auditor to ensure that the allocation of funds are in line with the overall Facilities Master Plan. With the Auditor, report to the Board of Trustees on the financial audit, including recommendations as needed.
    3. Audit Firm - Evaluate the performance of the auditor firm contracted to perform both the financial and performance audits, including recommendations to the firm and the Board of Trustees as needed.
    4. Final Report - Prepare a final report to the Board of Trustees at the completion of the modernization effort and expenditure of all Measure A bond proceeds.

    The Board shall approve all members of the committee to two-year terms. Pursuant to Proposition 39 and Education Code 15282, committee membership shall include, but not be limited to:

    1. A representative active in a bona fide taxpayers' organization
    2. A representative active in a senior citizens organization
    3. Two representatives from the community
    4. A parent/community member from Drake High School
    5. A parent/community member from Redwood, San Andreas or Tamiscal High Schools
    6. A parent/community member from Tam High School
    7. A member active in a business organization representing the business community located within the District

    At least one of the members (other than as identified in 1, 2, or 7 above) shall be a parent or guardian of a student enrolled in the District. At least one other of the members (other than as identified in 1, 2, or 7 above) shall be a parent or guardian of a student enrolled in the District and active in a parent-teacher organization.

    No employee or official of the District, or vendor, contractor or consultant to the District, may be appointed to the Committee. See current members

    The Board of Trustees shall appoint the initial Chair of the Committee. The Committee must adhere to the requirements of the Brown Act applicable to public meetings and its minutes and all other documents received and reports issued shall be posted on an internet website maintained by the Board. The Committee members shall be subject to statutory prohibitions against financial or other conflicts of interest applicable to school board members, and may be required to adhere to financial disclosure requirements of the Political Reform Act.

    January 3, 2007

    *The Oversight Committee for the 2001 bond, known as the "Fiscal Oversight Committee (FOC)," is still active and may be referred to as such in archived documents. The 2006 Measure A bond is a Proposition 39 bond. Prop 39 uses the title "CitizensÕ Oversight Committee" or COC for this important group.

    Upcoming Meeting:
    November 12, 2015 4:00 - 5:00
    Kreps Conference Room
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