• Advice from Seniors:



    Below is advice from seniors who were guest speakers at the sophomore conferences.   


    • Do what you love – Drama, Track, Clubs!  Follow your passion or find your passion through exploring a lot of alternative electives
    • Poke around.  Make school inspiring.  Try something you are curious about.  Art History is super cool and fascinating
    • Take classes that interest you.  AP Biology is challenging, but is related directly to what I want to study in college. 
    • Art History is the greatest class in the world – Wow!
    • Know what type of person you are.  Challenge yourself.
    • Change habits that don’t serve you.  I stopped watching TV and stopped Facebook junior year
    • Don’t be lazy
    • Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.  What’s the worse that could happen?
    • Ask other kids what they enjoy
    • There are a plethora of amazing classes here and at COM
    • Explore – try stuff on your own
    • We’re growing up – we have to do some stuff by ourselves.  If you don’t like something, you can always quit
    • Try Non-Fiction and learn to write for the paper.  I did that and LOVE it!
    • Pick the AP you’ll enjoy – don’t do it solely for GPA
    • AP Biology is hard, but amazing and so very interesting
    • I’m in AP Comp to improve writing
    • I love reading, writing and poetry, so AP Comp was my favorite class
    • Spanish 7-8 is a great class and really prepares you for AP Spanish
    • Don’t overwhelm yourself with AP’s
    • AP US History is hard, but I still would recommend it, as it is interesting and taught me a lot about history and improved my reading, analytical abilities and writing
    • AP Spanish is the greatest class I’ve ever taken
    • Find you OWN way
    • Clubs are really important but underrated.  They are productive community’s to be involved with and they’re fun.  If none interest you, start your own.  Connect with people with the same interests
    • I love drama and art so I followed that path
    • I’m glad that I have the skill set I learned in ComAcad
    • Make school meaningful.  Academies do that
    • Balancing the difficult subjects with classes you are interested in
    • You have two years to figure out what to do with your life.  Why waste it in SAT prep classes?
    • Be more casual about the SAT – don’t let it take over your life
    • I ask myself: Do I want to prepare for a college that cares about the numbers or cares about me?  Then I did what I want to do and what interests me
    • Every kid can offer #’s, but how can you show yourself worthy in ways beyond that?  I explored film and set myself apart with that
    • Get involved in sports
    • Cross Country has opened up a whole new world of friendships for me
    • Put yourself in situations that give you new options.  Gather tools in HS
    • READ for Pleasure
    • Get an internship
    • Get involved in national student leadership
    • Get a job – responsibility transcends academia and you make money at the same time
    • Get the book – “Half the Sky”
    • Develop good study habits
    • Find an equilibrium of interest and challenge
    • Don’t burn bridges
    • Keep options open
    • The Great time is now – you’ve had 2 years to figure out high school.  Now ask: how do I get the most of it for the next two?
    • Let yourself be swept up in stuff.  In school, in cross country, in theatre, in life!



    A big THANK YOU to Alexa Girkout, Emma Casey, Lauren Pey, Jeremy Steele, Kushi Beauchamp, and Julia Saunders – this year’s seniors – for their sound and enthusiastic advice.  Another thank you to graduated students Dylan Redford, Sophie Moran, Andy Polachek, Brendan Pipkin and Michael Beuttler for their wisdom in year’s past.


    “Have the courage to throw yourself into life,

    take risks, weather blows,

    knowing before you begin that

    you will be exposed to a series of opposites;

    success and failure,

    happiness and unhappiness,

    praise and blame.” 

    Arnaud Dejardins
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