• UC Standards for College Entrance – Review UC a-g list at  www.ucop.edu/doorways  (click on a-g course lists, type in “Sir Francis Drake High School” for complete list)


    •   Completing the Common Application (private colleges only):



    • Logon with a username and password you will remember.

    How to Invite Your Counselor & Teachers

    For Letters of Recommendation

    Common Application:  What You Need To Do


    Step 1:          Register on the Common App  (Commonapp.org)

    Step 2:          My Colleges – Add the schools you intend to apply to (you can always add/remove

                            colleges at a later time)

    Step 3:          Future Plans – Enter your Term and Decision Plan for EACH individual school

    Step 4:          Applicant – Fill in personal data, address, phone, and email information

    Step 5:          Education – Complete page               

    l         CEEB Code is 052770

    l         School – Sir Francis Drake High School

    l         Type of school – public

    l         Date of Entry – 08/2009 (if started as a freshman)

    l         Graduation Date – 06/14/2013

    l         Address – 1327 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., San Anselmo CA  94960

    l         Counselor Information:  Sheila Souder, Counselor, (415) 458-3436, ssouder@tamdistrict.org



    Step 6:          Academics – Complete as much as possible (required fields before inviting school

                            official for letter of recommendation are below)

    l         Class Rank Reporting – Individual

    l         Exact Rank – get from your counselor-email or request to see me

    l         Rank Weighting – Weighted

    l         Graduating Class Size – 248

    l         Cumulative GPA – this is your “Total Academic Weighted GPA”.  (You can access your transcript with your GPA on Home Access.)

    l         GPA Scale – 4

    l         GPA Weighting – Weighted

    l         Current Year Courses – FILL IN EXACTLY AS PRINTED ON YOUR SCHEDULE!



    First Semester/Trimester

    American Government

    AP Spanish Language 1

    AP Calculus AB 1

    Physics 1

    AP English Literature Comp

    Drama 7 (Advanced)


    5 credits

    5 credits

    5 credits

    5 credits

    5 credits

    5 credits

    Second Semester/Trimester


    AP Spanish Language 2

    AP Calculus AB 2

    Physics 2

    AP English Literature Comp

    Drama 8 (Advanced)


    5 credits

    5 credits

    5 credits

    5 credits

    5 credits

    5 credits



    Step 7:          School Forms – Fill out completely  

    l         Release Authorization – check box

                 Privacy Notice – I encourage you to waive your right to access your letter of rec (if you do

                    not waive your right, this will affect the way colleges view your letter).

                 Signature – type in your full name and date

    l         Recommendations – Invite Official

                 School Official Type – Click on Counselor (information will auto fill) and Send Invitation

                 School Official Type – Click on Teacher (fill in contact information and subject area) and Send         Invitation

    l         Parent/Legal Guardian (only if you are applying Early Decision to a college) – Invite

                 Personal Data – Fill in parent’s contact information and SAVE

                 Early Decision School will be listed – select parent and SAVE

                 Your parent will receive an email link to your CommonApp account – they must sign in and                                 electronically sign your Early Decision Agreement in order for your Counselor to                                            submit your transcript and letter of recommendation


    If you have completed the above steps, you will have successfully invited your Counselor, Teachers, and Parent (if needed) to submit letters of recommendation, transcripts and information on your behalf.


    NOTE: This DOES NOT mean your application is complete. You must fill out all CommonApp pages (demographics, family, activities, writing, signature, supplements, payments, etc.) in order to submit your applications for each school.


    Step 8:          Transcripts and Counselor Letter of Recommendation:        

    l         Transcripts for Common App schools will automatically be sent with the Letter of Recommendation.

    l         Make sure you have given or emailed your counselor your Letter of Recommendation form.



    Other Important Information: 

    • You may go on-line to Unigo and look up all the cool information about the schools you are applying to.  This website has a ton of very interesting, student written information on it.  Enjoy!  www.unigo.com
    • Begin writing the college essays.  The sooner you begin, the sooner you can re-write them and the better they will be.  I will help edit them as often as you write them.
    • Sending your Drake High School transcripts:  see information in counseling office and complete form for the registrar as per the information on the Transcript Bulletin Board.
    • If you attended College of Marin (or any other college), sending those transcripts is the STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY and must be done by the school the student attended.  Drake High School does not mail any college transcripts on behalf of students.
    Questions?  See Ms Souder.  I am happy to help you!

    Last updated by Sheila R Souder on 09/14/2012.