Clubs:  Doc’s White Mountain ~ Hackey sack ~ Mtn Biking ~ PALS
    ~ Game Club ~ Surf club ~ poetry club

    Sailing ~ GSA ~ Create your own!


    Open and supportive

    Learn the pirate cheer

    Go to plays

    Join leadership!

    Be nice to all Pirates!

    Go to the D-Shac

    Bring advisory food

    Be nice

    Make new friends

    Be inclusive ~ Reach out to others

    Rep your school in the larger community

    Wear your colors with pride

    Participate in spirit days/lunch activities

    Reach out to others

    Give hugs

    Go to dances  ~ Take risks

    Be involved in sports

    Participate – spectate – support

    Join a club ~ Create a club

    Be loud and proud  ~ Go to games

    Don’t root for other teams

    Participate in rallies

    Be a Link Leader

    Take fun electives

    Dress like a Pirate

    Wear a jersey on game day





    Take off your cool jacket

    Respect the Drake campus

    Support your peers


    Read the Jolly Roger

    Dress up for spirit days

    Find a club you like

    Join and cheer for sports

    Plays and Comacad performances

    Spirit weeks

    Be a Cheerleader

    Volunteer and participate

    Talk to new people

    The Academies

    Branch out and get involved

    Good attitude


    Strong community

    Service within Drake community

    Help with events and activities

    Academic achievements

    Be spirited in life

    Respect our school with responsible actions

    School pride

    Love your school!!


    Developed by the Frosh Class of 2015.

    Last modified on 09/20/10 by Sheila R Souder.