Balance ~ Work ~ Fun

    Don’t Stress Out:

    • Time management
    • Good family communication
    • Sleep!

    Set & Accomplish goals         

    Make new friends                  

    Step outside your comfort zone

    Dedication in school/sports   

    Do your homework on time


    Focus ~ Study for tests

    Stay calm and balanced

    Take off your “cool jacket”

    Play a sport/get involved       

    Improve in hard subjects

    Perfect good subjects

    Do your part in group projects


    Be honest with yourself and others

    Be yourself  ~ Take risks        

    Don’t do drugs

    Good grades   

    Talking/meeting new people

    Learning new things  

    Eating right  ~ Joining clubs   

    Plays – Art - Clubs

    Academic challenges

    -          not just getting by – get good grades

    -          building a support system

    Ask for help  ~ Be healthy      

    Time management    

    Pay attention in class

    Participate in class

    Step out of your comfort zone

    Keep an open mind

    Don’t be afraid to ask Questions

    Getting to know teachers and counselor

    Being organized – use planner

    Use tutorial ~ Good job                      

    Motivation  ~ Try to do well  

    Finding a solid group of friends

    Use common sense  ~ Don’t create a bad rep

    Find and keep a balance between school, social, family and extra curriculars

    Don’t limit friends to freshman

    Finding new passions  ~ Feel more comfortable

    Do things that make you happy

    Contribute to a winning sports game

    Collaborate with group members

    Learn from Mistakes

    Cooperate ~ Organize ~ Be Confident

    Play less video games and facebook

    Break down barriers with other people

    Finish a book  ~ Pay attention in class

    Get involved in class discussions

    Time for self  ~  Express self

    Stay out of trouble

    Study – focus – stay positive

    No procrastinating  ~ Try your best

    Actually learning/understanding

    Time for nothing

    Work hard – play hard

    Art and music

    Making new friends/appreciating old

    Get involved outside of school

    Making decisions for yourself

    Personal responsibility

    Be respectful

    Learn independence

    Sleep well

    Know your body, know yourself

    Make time for family and friends



    Developed by the 2015 Frosh Class

    of students.


    Last modified on 09/20/11 by Sheila R Souder.