• Get Into Any College (4th Edition)

        Secrets of Harvard Students


    by Gen and Kelly Tanabe


    Thinking of applying to the most selective colleges in the country?  Gen and Kelly Tanabe did, and were accepted at every school to which they applied.  They share their ideas in this book on the following topics:


    • Writing an irresistible essay – Do’s & Don’t’s, as well as the magic of the recycled essay
    • Sample essays – very helpful for the students who still want to write about saving the world single-handedly
    • Acing the SAT/ACT exams – preparation and how to deal with a bombed test
    • Mastering the college interview – complete with tips and mock interview questions
    • Finding scholarship and financial aid for college
    • Getting started before senior year – advice to underclassmen
    • Parenting your teen through the application process
    • Staying sane and out of bankruptcy while paying for college

    This book is not for the feint of heart, as the authors will highlight essays from top students applying to competitive schools.   Some of it can be overwhelming for a student who is struggling to just make it safely through adolescence and to graduation day.


    I found it to be concise and filled with clear examples and very helpful tips that all students can use, no matter where they are applying, but especially if they are considering a school with the most competitive selection process.


    Last updated by Sheila R Souder on 8/30/09.