• Always take a challenging and enjoyable curriculum: the most rigorous (AP/honors) classes you can take without overburdening yourself (see AP/Honors Matrix on this website)
    • Review a week in your life to make sure that you have a balance of academic challenge, athletic & community involvement, family time and personal time
    • Talk with your parents about your current schedule and future plans
    • Explore your school-to-career options - check out internships and special programs
    • Make it your responsibility to listen to/read the Bulletin & Crew Mail
    • Explore concurrent enrollment options at College of Marin 
    • Visit with College Representatives in College/Career Center in fall - see list posted on  Naviance  
    • Research college choices - use the resources in the College Center and on-line 
    • Attend Junior Night
      Complete a Career Inventory and College Search on Naviance
    • Review academic plan, graduation and college entrance requirements with Ms Souder
    • Take PSAT (registration information in Daily Bulletin)
    • Explore SAT/ACT Review Courses. Only take these if SAT/ACT is required at the schools you plan to apply to 
    • Participate in extracurricular activities, clubs or other organizations


    • Arrange to visit colleges.  Go when their classes are in session 
    • Explore concurrent enrollment options at College of Marin 
    • Discuss the need for standardized prep test courses, as well as any financial concerns that may impact your college decisions
    • Ask yourself if there are any electives you may want to add to your spring schedule (i.e., Art History, Psychology, Principles of Technology, Web Design)
    •  Meet with Ms Souder for group Junior Conference  
      •  Review your PSAT results and determine whether you need prep for the real test in spring
    • Develop a preliminary college list, including reaches, possible admits & safety schools
    • Attend the GAP Year Program  
    • Register for the SAT and/or ACT with writing if these exams will be required at the colleges you plan to apply to
    • Visit colleges over winter or spring breaks
    • Meet with Ms Souder and/or Ms Neumaier to get answers to questions & review future possibilities
    • Visit schools over the spring breaks 
    • Attend the Marin County College Fair
    • Take the SAT - get a baseline score to determine if you are college ready or need additional preparation, but only if you are applying to colleges that require these exams


    • Research colleges - prepare a preliminary list 
    • Prepare for the May or June SAT Subject Tests; register by the deadlines! 
    • Plan your summer activities: school, work, internship or community service
    • Take AP exams 
    • Take the SAT Reasoning and/or ACT  if required by the colleges on your list
    • If you are thinking of applying to UC, they are test blind as of February 2021
    • Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse if you might play Division I or II athletics (see Ms Neumaier for details)
    • Seek out teachers whom you would like to write recommendations for you in the fall 
    • Plan to take June SAT Reasoning if you are not happy with your scores to date
    • Plan summer college visit /tour(s). Remember, appointments fill early. Call colleges ahead of time. Try to visit professors and/or coaches if possible.
    Have a good summer!

    “Use what talents you possess;

    The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there

     except those that sang best.”

    Henry Van Dyke



    Last updated by Sheila R Souder on 04/26/2021.