• Junior/Senior Years: 

    Important Points to Remember!


    Spring Semester Junior Year


    • Do your BEST in all classes
    • See your counselor for help if you are not doing as well as you would like
    • Attend tutorials as often as possible
    • Make sure you are registered for the SAT’s and/or ACT’s
    • Make an appointment with the College/Career Specialist for college, NCAA and job information
    • Make an appointment with Mr Davison for internship, job shadow information
    • Go to the Marin County College Fair – usually held at Dominican University in April
    • Take a virtual tour of colleges on the web
    • Start thinking about colleges, majors, career interests
    • Create a student profile on www.collegeboard.com and/or www.csumentor.edu
    • Identify at least one teacher who would write you a letter of recommendation for college (private colleges generally require one from a counselor and two from teachers)
    • Complete NCAA form at the end of spring semester if you plan to participate in college athletics
    • Make sure you are on track for graduation and have met all district outcomes – see Ms Souder with questions in this regard


    College Entrance Testing Schedule - Spring of Junior Year


    • SAT Reasoning (verbal, math and writing)  www.collegeboard.com
    • ACT (math, English, reading, science) www.act.org
    • AP exams for AP classes:  May, see AP secretary with questions
    • Check each of the college websites to determine whether you even need to take SAT and/or ACT exams, as many colleges are now either test blind or test optioal

    Optional Junior Summer Activities


    • Visit 3-5 colleges
    • Do an overnight stay at a college
    • Provide community service in an area of interest
    • Take a class at the College of Marin, Santa Rosa Junior College or another program
    • Complete an internship – see Mr Davison for information
    • Go to district summer school to make up grades of ‘D’ or ‘F’
    • Work a summer job
    • Create a resume of jobs, internships, athletics, awards, etc.
    • Review college applications on-line
    • Review the Common Application at www.commonapp.org


    Senior Year


    • If college bound, take a minimum of five academic classes ALL year
    • Do more than the minimum class/college requirements
    • Complete Ms Souder’s letter of recommendation before October 1st.  remember that she needs 20 working days to write your letter for you!
    • Attend college visits – over 90 college reps visit Drake each fall. Sign up in the career center
    • Start working on college applications early
    • Start your UC/private school college essays early
    • Attend senior college application workshops for CSU and UC
    • Attend Financial Aid Night in December at Drake – check bulletin/website for date/time
    • CSU applications can be submitted beginning October 1st
    • Visit College/Career Center often to view college catalogs, look for scholarships, etc.
    • Complete your student profile on www.collegeboard.com or www.csumentor.com  
    • Take one more SAT and/or ACT test if needed in the fall.  Fall exam dates should be back up dates only – not the first time you take your exams.  All exams must be complete by December of senior year
    • Follow all FAFSA guidelines for financial aid
    • Make sure you are on track for graduation and have met all district outcomes
    • Take a virtual tour of a college … or many colleges
    • Take real college tours – see Ms Heim for warranted absence form
    • US and CSU deadline = November 30th.  I strongly encourage November 15th as deadline!
    • Inform your counselor early about your college plans

    Words of Advice …


    Be proactive.  Prepare early, follow the above recommendations, see your counselor often, and you should be organized and ready for college application time and graduation!


    Do not forget to contact me as I will help you with any questions you may have.  If I do not have the answer, I will direct you to the best source of information!



    Last modified by Sheila R Souder on 04/26/2021