• Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-Algebra Who's Boss
    by Danica McKellar
    Another book by Ms McKellar that challenges math stereotypes and provides tools to successfully navigate the world of pre and beginning algebra.  Her tips help students, in a fun format, to understand the in's and out's of negative numbers, variables, absolute values, exponents, graphing and more.  She uses real world examples (i.e., shopping, party planning, cell phone usage, etc.) to help kids understand math and ways they can use it in their lives.  This book's target is students in Algebra P1 - P4.  There are quick and easy tips on effective study strategies, practice problems, and test taking strategies.  Any student can use this book to help understand concepts and to better prepare for success in any class.
    Here are some things I like:
    • The use of English knowledge for math (i.e., math nouns, adjectives and verbs and how those are placed within equations)
    • 20 Ways to Beat Stress (great ideas for kids who struggle or freeze up in testing situations)
    • The importance of MATH in jobs like actor, interior designer, chef, film producer or photographer (most kids think if they select those careers they can skip math altogether, but WAIT, math is everywhere!)
    • Graphics, quick notes, tips on slowing down to catch possible math mishaps
    • "Every time you do math, it's like going to the gym for your brain!  The harder the math, the stronger your brain gets." 
    • Tips on using math to figure out cell phone bills and text coverage for the Uber cell phone user!
    • How to check all your math backwards to ensure the correct solutions
    • Horror Stories About Procrastination!!
    • What the Movie Stars are Saying About Math!
    Math Test Survival Guide (quick tips for each of these areas):
    • Everyday tips to make tests easier
    • The pretend cheat sheet
    • 4-5 days before the test
    • Day before the test
    • Morning of the test
    • 5 minutes before the tests
    • When the test is handed to you
    • The pressure of time
    Math is a good thing.  It can help you build confidence, understand sports scores, budget and plan a party or vacation, figure out if that shoe sale is really a good deal, or spend your allowance wisely.  You can read just a page or two of this book or the whole thing.  Every little tip helps, so ENJOY!
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