Learning Outside the Lines


    by Jonathan Mooney and David Cole

    Two Ivy League students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD


    These two authors went from being judged as “academic failures” to mastering the demands at Brown University.  How did they do it?


    Mooney and Cole give practical advice for learning disabled students:


    • What to do when you’re screwed:  don’t split, re-evaluate, ask for an extension, nothing is the end of the world, do the next right thing
    • The art of going to class unprepared
    • Dominating discussions
    • Effective notation systems (using color, space, shapes, symbols)
    • Less reading, more A’s
    • Cliff notes and research
    • Living a life less ordinary


     “Great minds don’t always think alike.”

                “Define your own success.”

                            “Your performance in school is not who you are.”

                                        “Intelligence is relative.  Just ask Einstein.”



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