• Letters of Recommendation

    I meet with senior students to work on college applications, personal statements and letters of recommendation during the fall of senior year. Any student wanting a letter of recommendation:  please return the completed form to me in SPRING OF JUNIOR YEAR, but at the latest by October 1st.  This deadline allows ample time for me to provide a thoughtful and reflective letter for you.  It also gets one form out of the way so that you can focus on college applications.  Lastly, this deadline is not related to your college application deadlines, so please do not confuse the two.

    It is not appropriate to request a letter of recommendation from Ms Souder or your teacher the week prior to the holiday vacation. We want to write a letter which allows your best qualities to shine; we need adequate time to do so.

    To request a letter of recommendation from Ms Souder you need to do the following: 

    1.  Download and and complete the LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION FORM.
    2.  Meet with me in person to review the packet on or before October 1st.   If you have the form completed early, YAY!  Bring it in. I like to begin writing in summer, so the earlier the better.
    3.  For Teachers, please download and complete this form:   Teacher Letter of Rec form
































    Last Modified by Sheila R Souder on 12/17/2019