• Math Doesn't Suck
    by Danica McKellar
    This book helps students, in a fun format, to understand the in's and out's of factoring, fractions, percentages and word problems.  Danica McKellar, the author, was a TV star (The Wonder Years and The West Wing), who uses real world examples (i.e., shopping, party planning, slicing pizza, etc.) to help kids understand math and ways they can use it in their lives.  This book's target is students in Algebra.  There are quick and easy tips that any student can use to understand concepts and to better prepare for success in any class.
    Math is a good thing.  It can help you build confidence, understand sports scores, budget and plan a party or vacation, figure out if that shoe sale is really a good deal, or spend your allowance wisely.  You can read just a page or two of this book or the whole thing.  Every little tip helps, so ENJOY!
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