• Road Trip Nation: A Guide to Discovering Your Path in Life


    by Mike Marriner and Nathan Gebhard, with Joanne Gordon



    This is perhaps my favorite book to share with students who have NO CLUE what they might want to do later in life.  I remember that feeling well.  You're 16 and adults (including your counselor) are always asking you what you want to be, study, do with your life?  Who knows?  You're only 16.
    Well, these guys had no idea what to do with their lives either, and they were finishing up college!  So they took a roadtrip across the nation in an RV, met with people who had successful careers and lives, interviewed them, and share all those stories in this book.  There is a wealth of experience and ideas packed into these pages.  Each person's story is only about 3-4 pages long, so it is a quick read. 
    From Madonna's chief stylist, to the first female Supreme Court Justice, to Manny the lobsterman, to a director of Saturday Night Live, each person's path to success is inspirational.  This book clearly demonstrates that there are many paths that lead to your personal "Rome."  Become a lobbyist, work previewing cartoons for the cartoon network, start a little chain of coffee shops called Starbucks ... the world is full of opportunities for every kid who wants to dream big.  Taking the circuitous path to success is encouraged in this book, so all Rebels are invited to have a look, read a few stories, or devour them all!
    If I had to buy just one book for the student with no idea what to do next, this one would be it!  Enjoy...
    If you want to look at visuals instead and up to date videos, Road Trip Nation interviews are all available on Naviance.  Log on and enjoy.

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