YOU ARE ON THE HOME STRETCH NOW!  Visualize your ideal future and picture yourself:  traveling … studying … pondering life’s mysteries … working your dream job.  The idea is for you to follow your interests and aptitudes, dream big and continue to challenge yourself as you prepare for the next step on your journey.  You do NOT need to know your major or have your career all mapped out from start to finish.  Do your utmost to take advantage of opportunities here, remain engaged and maintain a healthy balance in mind, body and spirit!  I will be here to assist you every step of the way, so please be sure to avail yourself of my support. 


    Maintain Balance – LIFE IS A GRAND EVENT – MAKE IT JOYFUL!  


    • Work diligently on current studies as colleges seem particularly interested in students maintaining rigorous academic discipline in both fall and spring semesters
    • Continue to explore your school-to-career options  - check on internships
    • Remember the "senior in good standing" policy and adhere to it
    • Don't develop "senioritis" - colleges have been known to revoke admissions
    • Senior grades matter!!
    • Check with the colleges you are applying to; find out what tests they require you to take and sign up for those tests


    • Make appointment with Ms Souder for letter of recommendation to private colleges (UC/CSU's do not accept letters of recommendation). Fill out student information sheets for recommendations - available on counseling website.  Due date for request is October 1
    • Register for SAT Reasoning, SAT Subject Exam, ACT (if they are required at the colleges you are applying to)
    • Visit with College Representatives throughout fall
    • Research colleges that meet your personal and academic criteria
    • NCAA information and questions - meet with Ms Neumaier  www.ncaa.org
    • Stay organized: maintain a list of all colleges you are applying to with deadlines
    • Stay informed: read the Drake Bulletin for info on college visits, scholarships and application workshops
    • Community Service or Internships – see Mr Davison for ideas and opportunities
    • Travel/taking time off before college – see  Ms Neumaier for books and resources
    • Clubs and Activities on campus – see any leadership student for campus club info
    • Sleep – most kids say it is really great, when they get the time to do it.  I agreeJ


    • www.collegeconfidential.com is a fantastic site for college searches, with an “ask the dean” feature to get your questions answered!
    • www.unigo.com  for college info and video
    • Visit with College Representatives throughout fall - see list posted in the College Center binder
    • Finalize list of colleges to apply to – share this list with your parents and me
    • Attend Senior Night with your parents
    • Begin or continue working on your college essays (for UC’s and private colleges).  Bring them to me for editing assistance – I love helping with this!
    • Begin researching and applying for scholarships
    • Attend Application Workshops - sign up in College & Career Center (October for CSU’s and November for UC’s)
    • CSU Applications are accepted from October 1 through November 30 (CSU Admissions strongly recommend applying during October)
    • UC Applications are accepted from November 1 through November 30 (I strongly recommend that  you complete your application by November 15th, so that you can relax over Thanksgiving with your family and eliminate application stress from that weekend)
    • Work diligently on current studies as colleges are clear in their expectation that students maintain rigorous academic discipline in both fall and spring semesters
    • Keep a record of what college admissions procedures you have completed; keep your counselor informed as you make or revise your plans


    • UC and CSU final application deadline is November 30th
    • If you are a Student Athlete, see Ms Neumaier for NCAA Rules for Athletes
    • Attend Application workshops - Sign up in College & Career Center
    • I suggest you complete UC applications by November 15th, so you can enjoy a nice long Thanksgiving weekend with family.  Turkey and family are more fun than on-line application deadline stress.  I guarantee it.


    • Attend Financial Aid Night
    • Last time to take SAT/ACT exams. Don't forget to have your scores sent to the schools you will be applying to.  Don't take the exams if they are not required
    • Keep a record of what college admissions procedures you have completed; keep your counselor informed as you make or revise your plans
    • Ask yourself if there are any electives you may want to add to your spring schedule (i.e., Art History, Psychology, Web Design)


    • Apply for financial aid if eligible; consult with your counselor and the College and Career specialist


    • Register for AP exams in March


    • Notify your counselor and College and Career specialist of college acceptances
    • Complete Senior Survey with Ms Neumaier


    • Request final transcript to be sent to the college you will be attending from Sandy Howard
    • The moment we've all been anticipating - Graduation!

     “First say to yourself what you would be;

    And then do what you have to do.” 

    Epictetus, Discourses


    last modified 04.26.2021, by Sheila R Souder