• The Truth About Getting In


    by Katherine Cohen, Ph.D.



    If you are getting ready for the college admissions process, this book will help demystify the myths of admission.  Written by a college counselor who focuses predominantly on the Ivy League, this book offers a program complete with worksheets, timelines and checklists to keep students focused as they navigate the college entrance maze.


    Each chapter has a list of “Myths” and “Truths” about the topic at hand.  Then Ms Cohen goes into detail on a variety of topics, which include:


    • Planning for College – beware senioritis and the truth about applying early
    • College Resources – how to use your high school counselor or a private counselor
    • Choosing Your Colleges – beyond the Ivy League: Find the Perfect Fit
    • Selling Yourself – who are you and how do you prepare your brag sheet
    • College Entrance Exams – a necessary evil of the admissions process and how to turn it into an ally
    • Writing the Outstanding Essay – knowing yourself first, then sharing your personal story effectively
    • Special Issues in Admissions – athletics, disabilities, minorities, legacies, transfers – they cover the gamut


    I cannot say enough about how helpful this book was for me.  She gets right to the point of how the system works and things that students must do to distinguish themselves in an application arena where 80% of students who apply to a specific school may be qualified for admission.  The chapter summaries and Insider Tips are very helpful and succinct.


    Lastly, Katherine Cohen has written another book, Rock Hard Apps, which is targeted to junior and senior students.  I contacted her via e-mail and was granted permission to reprint information from her book, so look for tips in upcoming student/parent newsletters.



    Last updated by Sheila R Souder on 8/30/09.