Tamalpais Union High School District BOARD POLICIES & REGULATIONS can be viewed online by clickin on this link.


    The Governing Board of Tamalpais Union High School District regularly updates policies in order to be in compliance with recent Federal and State mandates and changes in the law.  When new or revised policies are adopted by the board, they are forwarded to the California School Boards Association (CSBA) for uploading to GAMUT's online policy maintenance service. Due to a backlog at CSBA, there is a delay of up to four months for posting these revised policies on Gamut. For copies of policies or if you have any questions, please call 415-945-1020 or check with the Superintendent's Office to ensure you have the latest version of board policy and administrative regulation.


    Below are recent revisions to policy, for your convenience:

    BP/AR 6146.1 Graduation Requirements and BP/AR 6146.11 Alternative Credit Toward Graduation 

    Exhibit 6146.1 Graduation Waiver Request Form; and Exhibit 6146.11 Request for Alternative Credit


    Below is a list of policy recently adopted by the TUHSD Board of Trustees, and not yet updated on the Gamut online system:

    Exhibit 1330 - Use of School Facilities

    BP/AR  4127

    AR 6153


    What is Board Policy (BP)? -and- What is Administrative Regulations (AR)? 

    Categories are:
    0000 Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans
    1000 Community Relations
    2000 Administration
    3000 Business and Noninstructional Operations
    4000 Personnel
    5000 Students
    6000 Instruction
    7000 Facilities
    9000 Board Bylaws