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    Guidelines for Course Offerings

    The District believes that the process of designing the instructional program at both the District and school levels is a joint effort involving parents/guardians, teachers, students, and administrators. The goal is to provide equity in access to the District's adopted curriculum while also promoting unique programs within the different schools. Furthermore, it is recognized that special considerations may be needed (such as offering a course with low enrollment) in order to promote new programs or courses.

    Each spring, in preparation for the following year, the following steps shall be taken in developing the course "menu"-the list of courses to be made available to students.

    1. The school's instructional guide shall be updated to reflect any changes in courses (deletions, additions). The guide shall include all courses which may be made available to students in the following year. Approved District courses which are not likely to be available at that school do not need to be included in the descriptive portion of the guide. Courses which are scheduled on a multi-year rotation shall be so designated in the course description. Each guide shall include an introductory paragraph explaining that not all of the courses will actually be offered in the following year and clarifying how the decision will be made. A statement indicating that the complete list of District approved courses is available in the principal's office and the District's office of instruction shall be included in this introductory paragraph.

    2. The principal, in consultation with appropriate department chairs and counselors, shall prepare the course menu for distribution to students. This course list will include ONLY courses already adopted by the Board of Trustees. The list may not necessarily include ALL District approved courses, but must ensure that students are being given access to the range of District courses (e.g., all courses needed for graduation and college entrance, some advanced placement/honors, adequate electives).

    3. The principal, in consultation with appropriate staff, will ensure that a process for student course selection is used which gives students some choices.

    4. After student course requests are received, the principal, in consultation with appropriate staff, will determine which courses, if any, need to be dropped. This process may include limiting the number of sections of any one course to be offered in any semester. Students displaced from courses will be placed in a second or third choice elective or given another opportunity to select a different course.

    approved: October 22, 1996 Larkspur, California