I have been teaching twenty five years, and this is my eighteenth year at TUHSD.  My experience includes teaching A.P. Calculus BC, A.P. Calculus AB, A.P. Computer Science, Pre-Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry, Advanced and Intermediate Algebra (aka Algebra II, Algebra 3-4 Trig), Honors Geometry, Geometry, Geometry A, Algebra 1-2, Alg. P1-P2, Business Math with Economic Principles, Personal Finance, Sheltered Math (ELL Algebra, Geometry, Adv. Alg.), and Math B.  

    Contact Information Mr. Gebhard
    Ext. 1063 (voicemail)


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    Class information and schedules can be found in the corresponding Menu items.

    Grades and student progress available by email or phone.  Parents interested in their child's grade can email me and I will inform them in as much detail as is requested.  

    Find recently updated grades and assignments here at eSchool's Home Access Center.


    Classroom Expectations:

    • Read, listen to and follow directions.
    • Eating & drinking are NOT permitted in class. (H2O OK)
    • Study in class and stay on task.
    • Permission is required to leave class.  (Ask discreetly if for bathroom, and not during teaching.)
    • Enter the classroom prepared and ready to work.
    • Cell phones, headphones & iPods are to be OFF AND AWAY during class time.
    • Tardies -- Be punctual and arrive on time seated and ready to do warmup problems when the bell rings.


    1. Notes
    2. HW Assignments
    3. Tests & Quizzes
    4. Classwork/Warmups


    Tests 45% GRADE - %
    Quizzes 15% A= 100-90
    Assignments 15% B=89.9-80
    Class Work 15% C=79.9-70
    Notes 5% D=69.9-60
    Participation 5%


Last Modified on September 12, 2018