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    Contact Information Curt Gebhard


    Math Master Schedule 2022-23
    Class information and schedules can be found by clicking on each book icon to the left.

    Grades and student progress are available by email or phone.  Parents interested in their child's grade can email me and I will inform them in as much detail as is requested.  

    Find recently updated grades and assignments on Canvas, Synergy and Edgenuity for students in the Counseling Enriched Classroom (CEC).


    This year I am teaching Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Statistics, and Advanced Algebra at Tamiscal. I have been teaching twenty-nine years, and this will be my 22nd year at TUHSD, and 4th at Tamiscal.  My experience includes teaching A.P. Calculus BC, A.P. Calculus AB, A.P. Computer Science, Pre-Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry, , Trig/Stat, Advanced and Intermediate Algebra (aka Algebra II, Algebra 3-4 Trig), Honors Geometry, Geometry, Geometry A, Algebra 1-2, Alg. P1-P2, Business Math with Economic Principles, Personal Finance, Sheltered Math (ELL Algebra, Geometry, Adv. Alg.), and Math B.  I will also be providing math support for CEC students taking Algebra 1-2, Geometry 1-2, (Advanced) Algebra II, and PreCalculus on Edgenuity.

    TAMISCAL Classroom Guidelines:

    • Try your best.
    • Attend each class regularly with your Chromebook.
    • Make up missing/late work before the unit test and tests before grading periods end.
    • Independently study.
    • Stay on task in class.
    • Calculator use on phones and Desmos is encouraged.
    • Allow yourself to succeed.
    • Learn math.  I'm glad you're here.  We're gonna have a great year! 

    Keep a Notebook or Folder just for Math:

    1. Notes -- It helps you learn when you write as much as you can.  
    2. Assignments -- should be done on paper, photographed and submitted online.
    3. Tests & Quizzes -- most tests will be on paper, some quizzes will be on Canvas.
    4. Classwork/Warmup/Problems of the Week (PoW).


    • Grades are based on points.  Each assignment is worth 2 points, amounting to 4-8 points per week and about 12-24 per unit.
    • Problems of the Week (PoW) are 5 points per week, 10-20 per unit, 60 per semester (or one test). Projects are 40-60 points.
    • TakeHome Quizzes are 10-20 points, group 20-30 points, Tuizzes 30 points, Quests 40, and Tests 50-70.
    • Each unit chapter is about 100 points each for around 600 points per semester, 700 with a final exam.
    • Late HW assignments will be docked 1 point (so only 75-90% possible if late.)
    • Missing tests are scored 50% if HW is turned in until it is made up.  Otherwise, it is scored 0%.
    • If a test is not made up during the grading period in which it was given, or within two weeks of the grading deadline, the max score possible will be 80%.
    Tests/Exams 50% GRADE - %
    Quizzes 20% A= 100-90
    Assignments 10% B=89.9-80
    Lesson Warmups/PoWs 10% C=79.9-70
    Projects/Unit Problems 10% D=69.9-60
    Notes, EC, etc.  


    Each semester I hope to have one group test.  You may also substitute one project for a test on the same chapter once per semester.  In addition, there may be projects over the course of the year, probably one per semester.    

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    Curt Gebhard is inviting you to a scheduled Math Class.

    Topic: Math Class

    Curt's Zoom Math Meeting


    Meeting ID: 239 095 6044
    Passcode: 2pzG0b
    One tap mobile
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    Dial by your location
    +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
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    Meeting ID: 239 095 6044
    Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/ahze3QynH









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