• NOTE:   There are two Junior Summer Core Assignments: 1 for Patchen Homitz's Juniors (bottom of this page) and the other is for Augusto Andres's Juniors (immediately below).  Do NOT do both.


    For Augusto's Junior Summer Core Assignment, click here



    Summer Assignment for American Literature/US History for Patchen Homitz

     I. Read A Wicked War, by Amy S. Greenberg

    A. Do some author and book background research beyond the short blurb in the first few pages of the book. What other works has Greenberg written? Where does she teach? What are her politics? How was A Wicked War received by critics? What’s Greenberg working on now? What is the stated purpose of the book? This should not be more than a page.


    II. Questions and Answers for each chapter (creating a study guide). This book consists of an introduction, 13 chapters, and an epilogue (15 sections total = 30 questions and 30 answers). For each of these sections you read, craft two thoughtful and provocative questions that you feel capture the main points of each chapter. Questions that you’re proud of. There are many small details in each chapter, but there are often a few larger ideas that you ought to notice. After reading an entire chapter, you may then reflect on these larger ideas before you create your questions, however, you can also go about the task how you see fit. If you take chapter notes for yourself, please include those with this packet when you’re finished.


    Once you’ve created your two questions for a section, you must answer your own questions. Essentially, your task is to create a thoughtful, mature, and interesting study guide that I could possibly use next year. You’re also proving to me that you read and understood each section. There is a significant amount of freedom in this assignment; you are making the study guide, so make sure there is an academic There will be a reading quiz once we begin school.


    III. Create a general timeline for the span of American Literature (from Native American oral stories in the late 1400s to present contemporary literature movements). Search the vast Internet for a timeline that is useful and create your own, listing years and the literary movements (gothic, realism, post-modernism, etc.). The graphics don’t need to be amazing, but this should be easy-to-read and informative.


    IV. Familiarize yourself with my editing blog (editinghell.wordpress.com): What is it? What will you do if you make a bunch of errors in your work? Tell me you understand the concept. Also, look over my Moodle pages for both American Literature (1&2) and US History (1&2). The Moodle enrollment key for American Lit and US History: Homitz


    Email me if you have questions (it’s a new email for me): patchenschool@gmail.com