• TEAM Community Service

    Community Service Phase Guidelines & Overview
    Everybody can be great because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love. -- Martin Luther King Jr. 

    Credit:  You will receive 4 credits in Workplace Learning and 1 credit in English for successful completion of the community service phase. All assignments and all required hours must be completed for a student to receive any credit. In other words, if you fail to satisfactorily complete any of the five major academic assignments you receive no credit and will have to make it up in summer school.

    Time Requirement:  You will devote a minimum of sixty hours to community service this semester. A minimum of fifty of them must be spent at one agency. In addition, those fifty hours must be spread out over a minimum of eight different days. That is, the fifty-hour requirement cannot be fulfilled by working four twelve-plus-hour days. You can fulfill the entire sixty hour commitment working at one agency, if you wish to; that’s what almost all students do. The hours requirements are a minimum, not a limitation; and many students have chosen to work far beyond them.

    Time Sheets:  You will be given time sheets to be signed by your site supervisors. In order to receive credit, you must turn in completed and signed time sheets. If you don’t turn them in, you will not receive credit.

    Academic Assignments:  There will be five major academic assignments: 1) an organizational profile; 2) an organizational budget; 3) an interview of one of the workers at your agency; 4) the field site investigation, a paper which will describe the agency you will be working at and your experiences working there; and 5) an oral presentation to the class. All five of these assignments must be satisfactorily completed for you to receive any credit for community service. In other words, if you fail to satisfactorily complete just one of these assignments, you will receive no credit in the Community Service phase. Details of the assignments will be handed out later. Additionally, if you fail to turn in at least seven journal entries, you will likewise receive no credit for the entire Community Service phase. Journal entries more than one week late will not be accepted.

    Limitations:  All placements must be approved by Nikole. No more than one student may work at one agency. Placements in daycare programs that serve primarily upper and upper-middle class clientele will not be approved. You cannot work in a business that operates for profit, and you may not get paid.

    Release Days:  There will be no class at Team on Tuesdays from October 4 through December 6. These are release days to provide you time to complete your community service. This does not necessarily mean that you must do your community service on Tuesdays. In the past, some students have selected placements that operate on weekends, Halleck Creek Riding Club and The House at San Quentin, for instance. If you perform your community service on days other than Tuesday, then you get Tuesday off. In the work world, it is called “comp time.” However, if you are scheduled to work on a Tuesday and you choose to take the day off for no good reason, then it is considered an unexcused absence whether you make the time up or not.

    Absences:  If you miss work because of illness, you must contact your supervisor to inform him or her that you will not be coming in. You must also call Team that morning and leave a message that you will not be at work. Your parent must also confirm the absence. Failure to do this will adversely impact your grade.


    Due Dates:

    Friday, September 9                                                    Schedule

    Every Wednesday, October 5 – December 7                     Journal entries Draft of Interview

    Wednesday, October 19                                               1st

    Wednesday, October 26                                               Organizational Profile

    Wednesday, November 2                                              Final Draft of Interview

    Friday, November 4                                                     Oral Presentation Plan

    Wednesday, November 9                                              Organizational Budget

    Wednesday, November 16                                            1st Draft of Field Site Investigation

    Monday, November 28                                                 Revised Organizational Budget

    Wednesday, November 30                                            Final Draft of Field Site Investigation

    Wednesday, December 7                                              Time Sheet

    Monday – Thursday, December 12-15                             Oral Presentations