Frequently Asked Questions

    How much is the tuition at Team?
    We are a public school. There is no tuition, nor are there fees for our outings. However, we have to raise $54,000 next year to fund our trips, so all Team students are required to participate in our fundraising activities, some of which take place on weekends.

    Do I have to spend a small fortune to buy backpacking and camping equipment for Team trips?
    No. Team supplies all the really expensive gear: backpacks, sleeping bags and pads, tents, Gore-Tex raingear, fleece, cooking gear, and more. Students bring their own socks and boots, long underwear, flashlight, eating utensils, and a few other minor items. Students unable to afford those things will be provided with them.

    Will Team negatively impact my chances for getting into college?
    Team graduates have been admitted to some of the world's most selective universities. You can click here for a list of schools to which Team students have been admitted.

    Is it necessary to have backpacking experience to be in Team?
    Absolutely not. Over 90% of our students have had no backpacking experience whatsoever prior to Team.

    Can I play sports at my home school?
    Probablynot, though many of our students have. Students who enroll at Team should do so with the expectation thatthey will not be able to participate in interscholastic athletics attheir home school. It all depends on our schedule and your coach'swillingness to have you miss practices and contests. The Team Programrequires that students give first priority to Team activities. Teamstudents can participate in school sports only to the extent that theydo not interfere with Team Program events.

    Can I continue to attend dances and other school events at my home school while enrolled at Team?

    Can I take classes concurrently at my home school?

    Can I take other classes through Tamiscal Independent Study?

    Can I take classes at College of Marin?
    Yes. However, we recommend it only for those students with a consistent record of academic achievement. Our experience over the past eighteen years indicates that students with less than a 3.5 GPA are likely to do poorly in their COM class and in their Team classes as well. Moreover, any COM classes Team students enroll in cannot conflict with Team activities.

    Does Team have the same vacations and breaks as Drake, Redwood, and Tam?
    Yes. Team follows the same calendar as all other Tamalpais District schools, so our vacations, holidays, staff development days, and minimum days correspond to those at Drake, Redwood, and Tam. The one exception is Martin Luther King Day, which we celebrate by engaging in a group service activity.

    What is Team's daily schedule?
    You can click on this link to see this semester's schedule. But first, a caveat: this is a hypothetical if-we-were-on-campus-and-in-class-every-day-of-the-week schedule. That never happens. There isn't a week when we aren't out of the classroom at least one day. Still, it tells you what we do when we are here. The "Instructional Period" is when we are engaged in the core Team Program activities: English, U.S. History, Wilderness Medicine, preparation for our experiential ventures, and a host of other pursuits. Other than Math, there are no defined academic class periods. We maintain as flexible a schedule as we can.

Last Modified on August 14, 2018