• Ropes Course Leadership

    Team works in collaboration with the Pacific Leadership Institute and the Recreation and Leisure Studies Department at San Francisco State University in the operation of the Fort Miley Ropes Course in San Francisco. During the first week of school, Team students go out on the course as an ordinary participant group. Upon return from the fall Sierra trip, they undergo an intensive three-day leader training on the course. After successful completion of the training, each Team student goes out in a group of four up to ten times during the school year to lead courses for variety of participant groups.

    Ropes course participation instills self-confidence in the students, helps them enhance their communication skills, and encourages them to work together as a group. As ropes course instructors, Team students will develop leadership skills by presenting the challenges to the participants, insuring their safety, and helping them overcome their fears.

Last Modified on January 19, 2018