• Grades
    All assignments are submitted in Google Classroom during distance learning.  All papers, assignments, projects and oral presentations will be scored using a rubric.  In most cases, the rubric is posted with the assignment in Google Classroom.  If there is no separate rubric, the instructions to the assignment will likely provide the criteria with which I will read your response.
    For Students:
    Because I acknowledge the impact your grades have on the choices and options available to you in terms of other courses, colleges and employment, I post your scores so there is transparency in the process.  Please come see me or email me if you have questions. 
    • Be sure to read the comments on all papers that have been returned to you. I use the 4-point scale with the assigned narrative of what each score indicates [See link to left,"Grade Translations"] 
    • My comments and feedback will be PRECISE, RELATED TO THE ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS and USEFUL for your improvement in my class.
    • Examine the scales shown under "Grading Translations" for equivalencies among scales and traditional percentages.  
    • Averaging is an imprecise method of determining grades, thus your grade for progress reports and semester grades will be determined by the preponderance of scores you have achieved across the semester in consideration with practices consistent with a successful learner.
    • Your progress report scores will reflect both your progress toward meeting content and skills goals based on your performance in class discussions, quizzes, and assignments in addition to the level at which you are conscientious about your coursework.
    • Your conscientiousness is demonstrated through your attendance, engagement in class activities, and timely submission of work.  If you are absent you consult me or take the initiative to use the class website.
    • Ultimately, at the end of the semester I will look at the range of scores (1, 2, 3, and 4s) over the course of the semester as well as your proficiency in the content and skills goals identified throughout the semester and issue a more accurate grade that shows your understanding and acquisition of skills in history and social science.
    For Parents:
    You will be able to review which assignments have been submitted in Google Classroom.  Students receive the assignments returned with multiple scores (1-4) each related to a row of the rubric for the assignment.  Grade equivalencies are under the "Grade Translations" tab on the left hand side of my homepage.  There will be no single cumulative grade until the end of the grading period.  I do this because I believe the scores are more useful with criterion values from a rubric than just letter grades which do provide information for students to improve their work, performance or skill.
Last Modified on August 18, 2020