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    Civil Rights    Welcome to U.S. History!  Use this site to access daily lessons in the calendar, handouts for longer assignments and links for useful websites and articles.

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    Reconstruction (1865-1880) How does America change socially, politically, and economically following the civil war?

    Final Assessment: How has Reconstruction (and its failure) affected race relations in America? (document analysis)

    New Frontiers (1870 - 1900) What are the social, political, and economic ramifications of industrialization, immigration and the settlement of the mid-west and western portions of the United States?

    Final Assessment: Were the costs of the frontier worth it? (historical argument)

    The Gilded Age & Progressivism (1870-1914) What are the social, political and economic changes that resulted from America’s second industrial period?

    Final Assessment: Profile of a Reformer (historical perspective)

    U.S. Role in the World & World War I (1898-1919) How and why does the United States enter the world stage?

    Final Assessment: Recommendation to an American President (research paper with a proposal)

    Postwar Boom and Bust (1920-1934) Why was postwar America so volatile?

    Final Assessment: Cause & Consequence Infographic for the Great Depression 

    World War II in America (1939-1945) How did the failures of the 1919 peace create the opportunity for war?  

    Introduce: Research Paper: This spring you will work on a research paper intended to hone your research and historical writing skills.

    The Cold War (1945-1989) How did the fear of communism create a shift in U.S. foreign policy?

    Final Assessment: Analysis-->documentary evidence  

    Postwar America (1945-1960) How did Cold War industry influence the economy, politics and culture of America? 

    Final Assessment: Partner Analysis of Popular Culture

    The Civil Rights Movement (1954-1970) Why was there a Civil Rights Movement? 

    Final Assessment: Opinion Article-Did the Civil Rights Movement Fail?

    Liberalism and Conservative Backlash (1960-1980) How did the political, social and cultural context of the 1960s and ‘70s spark rebellion and reaction?  

    Modern America, Transformations (1990-2008)  How did we get here?   [This unit will be learned through peer teaching by your classmates.]

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    Here is a sample thesis with appropriate topic sentences.  These will be useful models for your research paper and outline.
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