• Ocean Acidification 2019
    (Solutions, Kinetics, Equilibrium, Acid/Base and Finals)
    Activity Pts. Due May 24th  Last day for make up and late passes May 31st

    Date May 20th - 24th

    Agenda Week 18


    Monday 5/20
    Turn in Exam Extra Credit and WS Bond Strength
    Why is the Ocean Salty?  
    Is the Ocean a Solution?     Power Point Solutions
    Demos: Miscible & Electrolytes
    WS: Solubility Curves
    WS: Solubility Curves
    Tuesday/Wednesday 21st & 22nd
    The Ocean as a Solution
    How Fast Do Chemicals React in the Ocean?
    Power Point Solutions
    Power Point Kinetics
    Notes Collision Theory
    WS: Reaction Mechanism
    WS: Kinetics
    Start Lab Iodine Clock Rxn - Graph Part II
    No Tutorial Wednesday Junior Awards Ceremony
     Did you finish WS Reaction Mechanisms & React Rates in class? Did you correct z7 Stamp? 
    Make a graph of the effects of temperature on rates from fake data in the lab.
    Thursday/ Friday 23rd & 24th
    How Fast Do Chemicals React in the Ocean?
    Power Point Solutions
    Power Point Kinetics
    Dress for lab
    Lab: Iodine Clock Rxn
    Quiz Solutions, Kinetics, next Thursday/Friday


    Agenda Week 19


    Monday  27th
    No School Memorial Day
    Last day for make ups Due May 31st
    Tuesday/Wednesday 28th & 29th

    New packet on Acids, Bases, &  Equilibrium
    Discuss Equilibrium Power Pt
    Demo & start Equilibrium Lab in Class
    WS: Le Chateliers Principle
    Discuss Equilibrium Power Pt
    Lab Le Chatelier's Principle

    Quiz on solutions & kinetics
    Finish Lab on Iodine Clock Reaction

    Thursday/Friday May 30th &  31st

    Last day for make up and late passes May 31
    Video #1 Halloween Clock Video #2 Iodine to music
    Review Kinetics
    Quiz on Solutions & Kinetics
    Turn in lab and solution & kinetics WS's
    Stamp Le Chat WS both sides
    Photograph 1st semester's index card if needed

    Study Guide for Final, Finish Equilibrium Lab if you want



    Agenda Week 20


    Monday  June 3rd
    Have you completed WS: Le Chatlier? Corrected & Stamped?
    Have you completed at least Keq questions? Correct & stamp?
    Demo Rainbow Alka Seltzer (new packet above)
    Intro activity - Exploring Acids & Bases (lab, & pH chart)
    Photograph 1st semester's index card if needed
     You decide, study for equilibrium quiz?
    Tuesday/Wednesday 4th & 5th
    Quiz on Equilibrium Lab
    Finish Intro activity - Exploring Acids & Bases (lab, & pH chart)
    Discuss Power Pt Notes Acids
    Phet modeling on Acids and Bases - get stamped
    Phet model link Acid/Base Solutions
    WS: H & OH & pH: correct & stamp
     You decide, do you feel you are behind? 

    Thursday/Friday June 6th & 7th

    WS: H & OH & pH: complete back side problems #1, 2, & 3 only - correct & stamp
    Prelab Titration
    How to do a titration video
    Buffer Video: (first 3 minutes only)
    Titration Lab practice only (correct acid concentrartion was 0.75M)
    Packets due in class & returned in class: Equilibrium Notes, WS: Le Chateliers, Acid/Base Notes, Acid/Base Activity on Household chemicals, Activity: Exploring Acids & Bases, WS: [H+] and [OH-]/Backside only, Titration prelab.
    Photograph 1st semester's index card if needed



    Agenda Week 21


    Monday  10th
    Period 6 Final 8:30-10:40 (no chem students)
    Ocean Acidification Video
    Shell Shifts  and OA in a Cup
    Ocean Acidification link  link2  OA Equations
    All Classes Meet - Ocean Acidification Demos
    Seniors have picnic 11-3pm??
    Tuesday  11th
    Period 2  Final 8:30-10:40
    Period 4 Final 11:00-1:10

    Wednesday 12th

    Period 1  Final 8:30-10:40
    Period 3 Final 11:00-1:10

    Thursday June 13th
    Period 5  Final 8:30-10:40
    Period 7 Final 11:00-1:10
    Friday June 14th Teacher Work Day
    Graduation 4:00pm


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