The Payroll Department is responsible for pay production and customer service of all TAM District employees. The Payroll Department staff collects and processes time records, maintains records pertaining to tax exemptions and deductions, and provides for the payment of vendors for fringe benefits. 

The following forms are available for download (all in pdf):
- Employee Authorization for Automatic Deposit
- Letter regarding TDS Change to 403(b) Benefit Administration
- 403(b) Salary Reduction Authorization and Amendment Form
- Form DE-4: Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (CA-EDD)
- Form W-4: Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (US-IRS)

Click here for a List of 403(b) Approved Vendors

Phone: (415) 945-3715
Fax:      (415) 945-1099


Payroll Coordinator
Stan Braga: (415) 945-3715
Senior Account Clerk-Payroll
Kathy D’Amico: (415) 945-3713