• EPIC THEATRE:  Just a stage or a way of life?

    Epic is a four year sequential program.  At each level, students assume increasing responsibility for the running of the company. 

    Students in the first year of the program learn the fundamentals of the acting craft through exercises, experiences, and observations. They apply their learning in two one act play performances per year and devolop their first skills in depending on each other as a group to get the job done!

    This year’s intermediate group will work to create a process piece, with the help of guest artists. They will learn to combine movement, voice and text analysis, in addition to learning the technical aspects of theater. Intermediate students also perform twice a year.

    Third and fourth year students run the theater company, rehearse intensively after school, and participate in seminars and workshops with guest artists and faculty on topics such as play writing, movement, audition, and scene study. These students are the leaders and decision makers for the company. A select group of second year advanced students volunteer and divide up into intern jobs which allow for an intense process of running the company through producing and running committees. Also, advanced students are able to enroll in the honors Theater Directing course, in which they learn to become peer teachers and directors.