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Foster Youth Transfer Grades & Credits

Grades for foster students who change placement during the school year, must be calculated as of the day the student left school.  Foster students may not have their grades lowered for missing school to participate in a court appearance or court-ordered activity. 

TUHSD accepts and issue full credit for any coursework that a foster youth has satisfactorily completed while attending another public school, juvenile court school, NPS, or private school.  Students may not be required to retake the course.

In the instance that the entire course was not completed at a previous school, foster youth must be issued partial credit for coursework completed and will be required to take the uncompleted portion of the course by enrolling the student in the same or equivalent course.

In the event a foster youth leaves a TUHSD school during the semester, the school will award partial credits and include the  credits on their transcript within two business days. 

  • Partial credits are awarded at .5 credits for every 7 class periods attended per subject.

  • Block schedule class period shall equal 2 regular class periods per subject.