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School Placement Homeless Youth

TUHSD will make school placement decisions in the best interest of the homeless student. In determining the best interest of the student, the district considers student-centered factors related to the student's best interest, such as the impact of mobility on achievement, education, health, and safety.  We give priority to the request of the student's parent/guardian or, in the case of an unaccompanied youth, the youth.  (42 USC 11432)

Factors used in determining school placement are as followings, the age of the student, the distance of the commute and the impact it may have on the student's education, personal safety issues, the student's need for special instruction, the length of anticipated stay in the temporary shelter or other temporary location, likely area of future housing, school placement of siblings, and the time remaining in the school year.

School placement decisions are not based on whether a homeless student lives with the student's homeless parent/guardian or has been temporarily placed elsewhere.  (42 USC 11432)

In the case of an unaccompanied youth, the district liaison shall assist in placement or enrollment decisions, give priority to the views of the student, and provide notice to the student of the right to appeal.  (42 USC 11432)

In determining a student's best interest, a homeless student shall, to the extent feasible, be placed in the school of origin, unless the student's parent/guardian or the unaccompanied youth requests otherwise.  (Education Code 48852.7; 42 USC 11432)