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TUHSD Student Support Services



A number of student support services are available within TUHSD high schools to assist students with their academic progress as well as their personal, social and emotional development. Services are provided by site staff as well as community-based agencies in partnership with site staff. Below is a description of student support services available to you and your student on campus. In addition, we have included youth crisis hotlines and community provider information if your student or family needs immediate assistance.



Each student, upon entering high school, is assigned to a school counselor who remains with them for the duration of their enrollment on campus. The school counselor is a resource to support all students in the areas of personal/social development, academic progress, and college and career goals. School Counselors work to support students and help them access resources for effective communication skills; balancing academic, extracurricular and personal responsibility; and identifying personal strengths, values and challenges to support a successful high school experience. School Counselors help students navigate high school as well as help them with post high school plans.  The School Counseling Program offers a variety of topic and grade specific informational evening programs for parents/caregivers during the year.



The Wellness Center/Programs at Tam, Drake and Redwood work with the Counseling Department to expand existing support services for students on campus. Wellness Staff help coordinate and provide health, mental health, substance use/abuse and sexual health services and education for students on campus. The Wellness Center/Program offers both direct services as well as prevention and education programming for students including health and wellness classroom presentations and school wide health awareness events. In addition, Wellness partners with a variety of community organizations to provide specialized support to students including BACR, our contracted mental health counselors/therapists available on campus. For more information about TUHSD Wellness Centers please go to Wellness Home Page



School psychologists apply expertise in mental health, learning, and behavior, to help students succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.  They provide psychoeducational assessment for special education eligibility, direct IEP counseling services and collaborate and consult with family, staff, and outside providers and agencies to support all students on campus. School psychologists assist in the implementation of school-wide prevention programs and provide individual and school wide crisis intervention services. This team collaborates closely with TUHSD Admin, School Counselors, Teachers, Special Education Case Managers, and on-site therapeutic support providers to assist all students in achieving academic success.



Peer Resource is a year long elective course focused on youth development, peer support, advocacy and health education.  Peer Resource students are given the opportunity to explore health, wellness and social/emotional topics that impact teens on campus and within their communities. Students receive training and learn how to make healthier, safer decisions for themselves that reflect their own personal values through classroom, district and county youth leadership and educational opportunities. Students utilize this education in promoting health and well-being on campus to other students in the role of peer educators, peer mentors/counselors and/or by offering conflict mediation support. Peer Resource students often use their knowledge and expertise to present to local middle schools, Social Issues classes, and to parents/caregivers on topics that promote healthy youth and community.



For immediate assistance and support, please go to the Wellness Home Page for a list of crisis hotline numbers in Marin, California and nationwide.  Below are a few quick links:

  • Crisis Text Line - Text BAY to 741741
  • Marin Suicide Prevention & Crisis Hotline - (415) 499-1100
  • California Youth Crisis Line - (800) 843-5200

In addition, if you want more information about local community providers and programs for support, please go to: Wellness Home Page and click on Counseling or General Info/Referrals or Other Support.